I have to refer all credit to my boyfriend, Sam, for this post. When we embarked on a 4.5 month trip to Southeast Asia, I had my enthusiasm and adaptability, but was “technically” under-prepared.

In no particular order, we used these apps on a daily basis while traveling. There are so, so handy and we would have been completely S.O.L. without them!

Charles Schwabb Bank account
Whoops, this isn’t an app. Nonetheless, it’s super necessary to open up a bank account that offers reimbursement for ATM transaction fees. I am a woman of habit and have been with my bank since I was 14 years old. However, these fees add up and it was a lifesaver to never have to worry about those extra costs.

Maps.me allows you to pin locations after downloading a specific country or region’s map. The best part, and what makes it more convenient than Google Maps for traveling, is that you can use it offline after you download the area. I used it to pin our hotel, favorite restaurants, and different sites we wanted to see. Just beware that the “driving” ETAs can be way off.

XE Currency
This is most helpful when you travel to multiple countries because you can compare and convert many currencies at once. When you know how much you’re willing to pay for a meal in Thai baht, you find yourself converting Malaysian ringgit into US dollars into Thai baht into Cambodian riel and it can get confusing. It also gives up-to-date conversion rates so you can tell if you’re getting a decent rate when exchanging money.

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