I didn’t realize how important these were for sailing – hopefully it can help someone!

  1. A duffel bag
    Don’t bring a suitcase. Duffels fit much better into the berths (ocean-speak for bedrooms) on the boat.
  2. Sunscreen
    A given, but sunscreen is an absolute MUST. You will burn. I never burn, and I burned. I use this kind because my skin is sensitive and there are some harmful ingredients in conventional sunscreens.
  3. Swimsuits
    Well, duh, but more specifically, cute but useful suits. I recommend a mixture of one-pieces and bikinis! I typically do one-pieces for snorkeling, paddle boarding, and helping with the ropes, and leave the bikinis for the lazy laying out days!
  4. Coverups & Shorts
    In some places it’s considered a little gauche to pull into harbor without wearing a coverup or pulling in your towels that are hanging out. Illogical, I know, but bring a cover-up to avoid this situation.
    Along a similar line, I personally felt weird trying to pull in the sails in my bikini, so consider a cute pair of nautical-looking shorts for that.
  5. Shoes with white soles
    You’ll want boat shoes so you don’t scruff the white deck.
  6. Hair ties
    If you think you your purse is a black hole, imagine the ocean.
  7. Your own snorkeling mask
    I can barely swim across a lap pool, but boy do I love snorkeling! If you’re a shark like me (shark being loosely defined), bring your own snorkel mask because you never know what kind of issues might come up. Snorkel gear was provided on our boat, but I recommend bringing your own. Not worth the risk!

I got me and my sister matching swimsuits that perfectly describe her most favorite leisure activity. She pretends to hate me but she loves me.

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