I’m a huge Pinterest girl. I find it to be such an effective way to organize my thoughts and keep track of places I want to visit, trends I hope to one day-someday emulate, and that dream house that hopefully leaps off my “home” board and into reality.

I’m also a big advocate of journaling while traveling. But journaling in everyday life can be cumbersome and repetitive. So when I came across a photo of a notecard calendar on Pinterest, I actually went home and made it! (Unfortunately, when I went to click on the link I originally pinned, the website had expired, so I can’t credit the original creator.) While I am not the original inventor of this calendar, I have thus far made four of them and can hopefully offer some helpful advice!

The idea is that each note card represents a day of the year (365 note cards). Each line on that note card is a year, and next to the year you can write down one thing you did or enjoyed that day:

Each notecard represents one day, each line represents the year. (e.g., the next line would be 2018, and so on.)

All you need is:

  • 366 notecards if you want to do one day=1 notecards OR 183 notecards if you want to cut them in half
  • 12 dividers for each month and 1 more as a calendar cover (so you don’t always have to remember that you did some variation of “recovered” on January 1st)

These can be postcards, old photos, pretty paper, whatever you want! If you are using full notecards, two pieces of 12” x 12” paper will cut down to 12 monthly dividers (5” x 3.5”)

  • A stamp or pen to mark the day and year on each note card

I was lucky enough to have a stamp at my old job that I used to mark each day (but I definitely did not make this calendar while at work, Steve) but you could easily do it with a regular pen, just may take longer! You can buy a stamp like this from Staples.

  • A box

Mine is an old berry box from the farmer’s market, but you could use practically any type of box that allows you to easily pull out each day. I splurged on some cute wooden boxes in the style of berry boxes for the calendars I made for my sister and sister-in-law when they were pregnant. Finally, I coerced my boyfriend’s sister, Madi into writing “calendar” on the front of each one!

Three daily journals I’ve made so far!

In 10 years (or more if you use the backside), I can only imagine how fun it will be to look back on! This is a great, handmade, and thoughtful gift that I actually enjoy making. I gave one of these to my sister for her 30th birthday and she says she’s really enjoyed the process and looking back on each year. I also made one for both my sister and sister-in-law to document their first-time motherhood experiences. Because moms are busy, I also picked up these cute stickers to use when they inevitably become exhausted:

Daily stickers to help when you’re tired!

Let me know if you have made one of these before, or if you have any other tips!

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